® St. Therese Catholic School

Our Mission

St. Therese School is a community of families built on Catholic values and dedicated to empowering students to reach their academic potential by preparing them to be life-long learners, responsible citizens and contributing members of church and society.

We Believe

  • That all children are valued and respected.
  • That students grow best when challenged to achieve personal success.
  • That all teachers strive to meet students’ diverse individual needs.
  • That an excellent curriculum is necessary for student success.
  • That Catholic education involves providing instruction, opportunity and support of every child on their spiritual journey of faith formation.
  • That our community is based on love, understanding, and respect for the dignity of all people.
  • That parents and school staff must model mutual respect and trust to benefit the child’s growth and education.
  • That all parents provide a physically, emotionally and spiritually supportive environment for the successful development of their child. 
  • That all parents have high expectations of their children’s ability to learn and understand the importance of their role in the child’s academic success.
  • That together with parents we can provide financial stability and longevity for our school today and in the future.

School-wide Learning Expectations
The St. Therese Student ~

    1. Lives like Jesus
    • Develops a relationship with God
    • Serves others
    • Participates in liturgy and prayer
    • Celebrates church traditions
    2. Is a life-long learner
    • Strives to do their best
    • Works independently and cooperatively
    • Solves problems
    • Communicates effectively
    • Uses creative and critical thinking skills
    • Applies their Christian values in learning
    3. Is safe, respectful and responsible
    • Shows kindness and compassion
    • Accepts responsibility for their actions
    • Welcomes all cultures
    • Listens actively and thoughtfully
    • Develops community and global awareness