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Health Education

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Vision/Mission Statement:
The objective of the Health Education Program is to introduce the principles of healthy living through nutrition, aerobic fitness, and mental, social, and spiritual wellness. The courses include discussion of values, peer pressure and decision-making, as well as instruction about mental and emotional health (including self-esteem, eating disorders, stress and anger management, and goal setting), as well as the effects of all drugs, including alcohol, tobacco, and other harmful substances.

Objectives of Health Education:

  • Raise awareness of, and inspire a lifelong commitment to, all facets of one's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • Focus on informed decision-making, based on the student's values, and continued development of critical thinking skills, using accurate information.
  • Examine and enhance student's self-image and esteem.
  • Help each student set goals for improving and maximizing his or her health.
  • Demonstrate the connection of all components of health.

Methods & Expectations:
Instructional methods will include lecture followed by question and answer, class discussions, small group work, kinesthetic and "hands-on" activities, correspondence with students through their journals, as well as individual and group health projects, as well as written exams covering course material for each unit. Audio and visual materials, including DVDs, slides, hand-outs and pictures, appropriate to the health curriculum, will be utilized.