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® St. Therese Catholic School

Little Flower Preschool

In the Little Flower Preschool your child will enter into the world of science, math, social studies, literature, arts, poetry and music. We welcome you and your child to this exciting adventure called school! Specific questions should be directed to the classroom teachers.

Teachers use OnCourse class homepages to keep their students informed about classwork, tests, grades, notes, etc.

Click here to go to the Class Homepage for Mrs. Fennerl.

Click here to go to the Class Homepage for Mrs. Thoman.

St. Therese Little Flower Preschool is

  • A place in which your child will be valued for what he or she is and helped to prepare for the world as it is.
  • A structured and secure environment, where a child experiences a developmentally appropriate program that allows him or her to grow and mature at his or her own rate.

Child Goals

  • Each child will work toward the following objectives according to his or her interests and ability:
  • Developing her/his personality through experiences in social relationaships
  • Developing physical and cognitive abilities by exploration and problem solving
  • Stimulating language development through listening and following directions, interacting with peers and teachers, speaking to a group, and learning songs and rhymes
  • Developing individual expression through music, movement, and choice of activities
  • Developing good health and safety habits with respect to cleanliness, diet, and personal care
  • Exploring the values and customs of many cultures and develop respect and appreciation for others
  • Deepening his or her relationship with God

The preschool curriculum is designed to help children grow and learn through artwork, stories, fine and large motor skill activities, games and other activities supporting the topic.

The curriculum will incorporate opportunities for children to learn the alphabet and its sounds, as well as numbers, shapes, new vocabulary, and problem solving skills. We also introduce Physical Education, Music and beginning Spanish appropriate with our themes.

Adult visitors are welcome in the preschool classroom anytime. Grandparents and adult friends are especially invited to visit. If you plan to visit, please sign-up on the classroom calendar ahead of time.

Communication Tools
A binder will be sent home daily with information about your child's day. Teacher's email addresses are available on the school website.

Each week, one family will be in charge of providing snacks for the entire class. A snack calendar will be sent home for parents to reference. Snacks must be healthy, ready to serve and store bought. We are sorry, but school regulations state that they may not be homemade.

Birthday Celebrations
You may bring in a small treat for your child's birthday. Treats follow the same guidelines as above for snacks. Please inform the teacher ahead of time.

Conferences are scheduled twice a year along with the elementary school conferences. Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher at any time if the need arises.