St. Therese School logged more than 6,000 volunteer hours during the last school year!

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Fair Share

Fair Share Log Form

The Fair Share program, which was established at St. Therese School in 1980, provides an opportunity for families to become involved in furthering Catholic education. It was established to provide supplemental economic support needed for a successful educational program. "Fair Share" is any combination of TIME/TALENT/TREASURE. A family completes a Fair Share commitment form annually at the time of registration, which indicates how a family expects to fulfill their volunteer obligations.

Time: is help in various fund raising projects, school activities and committees. Currently each family gives a minimum of 40 hours in activities that provide a service that would otherwise be an expense to the school. Because the auction proceeds are 80% of the Parents Club obligation to the school budget, each family must give at least 10 of their required hours to the AUCTION. Each family must also donate or procure $200 worth of goods or services for the auction.

Talent: is sharing a talent, working on group or individual projects for the school that the school would have to have contracted such as doing electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, painting, etc.

Treasure: is donating money or the equivalent in supplies, merchandise, building materials, etc. that the school would have to purchase if it wasn't donated. Each family has the choice to contribute $600 or donate goods worth $600 if they are not giving 40 hours of time. A $15 donation equals one (1) hour of Fair Share credit. Beginning in the 2003-2004 school year, money and item donations to the auction, class baskets and bottle booth will now be logged under Auction Donations rather than Auction Hours.