First Grade

Mrs. Rita Estes

First Grade is a year of learning reading, writing and math.


Curriculum- Blest Are We (RCL Benziger) 
Our Church Community
Our Loving God
God's Son Jesus
The Holy Spirit
Jesus' Church of Followers

Holy Days



Curriculum- Engage NY

Problem Solving




Language Arts: 

Phonics, Reading, and Spelling
Curriculum - Reading Street (Scott Foresman)


Curriculum - A Closer Look (Macmillan/McGraw-Hill), Foss Kit, and Scholastic News
Plants & Animals
Weather & Sky
Motion & Energy
Life Sciences: Plants
Life Sciences: Animals & Their Homes

Social Studies: 
(Macmillian-McGraw Hill)

Family Rules




Needs and Wants


Your child will usually have daily homework. Homework will consist of assignments in math, reading, and writing. Homework allows children to practice what they learned in school at home. If they need help with directions or in doing the work, parents are expected to be the home teacher. Please check over your child's work and have them correct their mistakes.

Reading Log: 

Every night your child will bring home a reading log. The reading log will consist of poems, reading stories, and reading word list. If your child struggles to read an assignment, please feel free to partner-read with your child. This is done by reading one page or paragraph and having them read the next paragraph or page. They will learn from listening to you read.

At this time I like to see children pointing with their finger under the words so that they can keep their eyes matched to the words they are reading.

The reading log should be signed every night and sent back to school. This reading time should be a special time for you and your child every night. Feel free to ask about the story and make connections to other stories they have read. It will be exciting to see your child grow as a reader this year. If your child is already reading, please be sure to read the assignments and then supplement with books you might have at home.


 Please send healthy foods that they can eat during morning break.  Fruit slices, peanuts, cheese sticks, a package of crackers, are examples of food that are easy and quick to eat and give them a boost of energy.

Water Bottles: 

Water is very important! They get really thirsty and always want a drink. Please send a bottle filled with fresh water from home. It takes too much time to fill several water bottles in the morning. 


Students love to celebrate their birthday in class. Parents are invited to bring treats to share with the class at 2:45 (or at 2:15 on Wednesdays).  Please see me the day or so before the birthday to let me know if you will be bringing treats. If you can't come at the end of the day, you can drop off treats in the morning. Many children bring cupcakes, some bring frosted cookies, and some have even brought ice cream bars. I don't have time to cut or serve a cake. We usually don't have enough time for drinks. If you do bring drinks, make it a juice box. 

Some children have summer birthdays. We can arrange to have half birthdays, or an alternate date. Please see me to arrange a birthday celebration day. Every child likes to be special for one day!


I will need people to tear pages out of workbooks and collate the pages. From time to time I have other tasks that can be completed at home. All volunteers need to have a background checks and will also need to watch the Safety Video. Please check in the office to make sure everything is in order before you volunteer. 

School Work: 

Corrected papers will be sent home in an envelope. Keep papers at home. Return the envelope promptly. 

Book Orders: 

Scholastic book orders will be sent home occasionally. The orders are totally optional. It is a great program and there are many books for less than five dollars.


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