Third Grade

Mrs. Chelsea Baumbach

Third grade is an exciting year for students as they grow in independence and responsibility. Below are the curriculum areas they will explore. Specific questions should be directed to Ms. Varner, the classroom teacher.


Language Arts: 
Curriculum-Reading Street (Scott Foresman) 

  • Whole group novels to practice reading strategies, comprehension skills, and vocabulary

    • Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, James & The Giant Peach, Matilda​ and BFG

  • Small group literature circles

  • Individualized Reading Stations


  • Narrative Stories

  • Opinion Writing

  • Persuasive essays

  • Poetry


  • Reading Street (Scott Foresman)


Curriculum- Engage NY

  • Multiplication and division concepts

  • Fact fluency

  • Geometry 

  • Identify and compare fractions

  • Apply math concepts to real-world situations using word problems

  • Graphing


Curriculum- Christ Our Life 
Each unit focuses on what Catholics believe, and how Catholics worship, live, and pray. Units include:

  •  God Calls Us to Faith

  • God is Great and Good

  • God's Plan is a Plan of Love

  • Jesus Brings Us on Our Way

  • Jesus is With Us on Our Way


A Closer Look (MacMillan/McGraw-Hill) 
In our science curriculum, students explore concepts through their text, experiments, and nonfiction books that accompany each unit.  Areas of focus include:

  • Weather and Space

  • Living Things

  • Matter, Forces, and Energy

  • Earth and Its Resources

Mystery Science

Social Studies: 

Curriculum- Communities (Houghton Mifflin) & Portland Our Community (PPS)

  • The effect of geography on communities

  • Community government

  • Making economic choices

  • Celebrating people and cultures

  • History and geography of Portland


Every night 1 page of math homework goes home.  This is to be completed and returned the next morning  Monday, a spelling practice packet will also be coming home.  This should be completed by Friday.  On Thursdays, additional spelling practice will go home, to prepare for the Friday spelling test.

Students have a reading log to complete.  They should read at home for 20 minutes every night.  In third grade we work on reading fluency and comprehension.  One of the best ways to improve these skills is by reading.


We will celebrate on your child's actual day (or close to) at 2:00pm on Wednesday and 2:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Please bring in a snack and drink to celebrate your child's birthday. We have 21 students this year.

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