Fourth Grade

Mrs. Marlene Hayes

Fourth Grade is a big transition year before the students move into the middle school building.

Specific questions should be directed to Mrs. Hayes, the classroom teacher.



Blesst Are We, RCL Benziger

Unit 1 - The Goodness of God

Unit 2 - Jesus is the Son of God

Unit 3 - The Holy Spirit

Unit 4 - The Church

Unit 5 - Social Justice

Project Genesis: Follow the Pathway to God



(Engage New York)

Module 1  Place Value, Rounding, and Algorithms for Addition and Subtraction

Module 2  Unit Conversions and Problems Solving with Metric Measurement

Module 3  Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division

Module 4  Angle Measure and Plane Figures

Module 5  Fraction Equivalence, Ordering,  and Operations


Language Arts 

Reading Textbooks:  MacMillan/McGraw-Hill and Reading Street

Novel Studies:  Blubber, One Hundred Dresses, Birchbark House, Stone Fox, Ice Island, Black Beauty

Units of Study:  Figurative Language, Fractured Fairy Tales, Poetry 

Writing:  Narrative, Opinion, and Expository

Vocabulary and Spelling:  Wordly Wise workbook, Greek and Latin Roots



Mystery Science

Human Machine- Human Body, Senses, and the Brain

The Birth of Rocks- Rock Cycle and Earth Processes

Waves of Sound- Sound, Waves, and Communication

Energizing Everything- Energy, Motion, and Electricity

Foss Kit:  Environments   (Life Cycle of the Mealworm)



Social Studies

Get Oregonized

Map Skills- Compass Rose, Cardinal Directions, Latitude and Longitude, Continents, Oceans

Six Indian Tribes of Oregon

Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery

The Oregon Trail

The History of Oregon


Students use their planner to record the daily homework assignments.

Most days students will have math homework that is a practice of the concepts learned in class that day.

Homework may include writing definitions from the Wordly Wise book or writing sentences using the words that are being studied that week.  Wordly Wise has a list of 15 words per lesson.  

Homework will sometime require students to read from the class novel that is being read and answer questions.


Special Classes

Students go to Physical Education classes twice a week, and music twice a week.

Students have drama once a week.



Students may celebrate their birthday at the end of the day from 2:45 to 3:15 or 2:00-2:30 on early dismissal days.  Parents may bring in a store bought treat. Parents are invited

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