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The St. Therese Little Flower Preschool is open from 8:15 to 11:20 am Monday through Friday for half day students and 8:15 to 3:00pm for full day students. 


Mrs. Jennie Rothery

About Us

Preschool is your child’s first introduction to the larger world of school.  We want your child to learn that school is a safe, nurturing and fun environment through an experience that will prepare them for Kindergarten.


The preschool classroom is a community that works together to learn about ourselves and each other.  Academic concepts are introduced in a fun, hands-on way that is developmentally appropriate for our little learners.  We improve our social skills through practice with friends and adults.  Preschool celebrates holidays and birthdays with special activities and treats.  We are part of the larger school through joining in seasonal events, performances, celebrations and Mass as well as teaming up with our older school buddies.


Religion – 

Preschoolers are introduced to the Catholic faith through Bible stories, songs and prayers.  Each day we open in prayer and use Christian values to help guide our behavior and decisions. We attend Mass with the elementary school.


Math – 

Preschool math teaches emerging mathematical reasoning and number sense. Some of the topics include sorting, patterning, measuring, shape and number recognition, counting and quantifying. We also introduce beginning addition and subtraction and writing numerals.


Language Arts – 

Language and literacy development is fostered through rhymes, songs, and stories and discussions.  We focus on oral communication (with peers and adults), introducing and using new vocabulary, listening to and telling stories, developing phonemic awareness through alphabet study, print awareness and emerging writing skills. 


Science – 

Science for preschoolers is learned through investigation and observation.  Students will be introduced to scientific reasoning and exploration through units on the living world (plants, animals, humans) as well as the material world (water, air, light, environment, space).  We will work through planning, predicting, observing and reflecting to learn scientific facts and concepts. Children will learn to use tools such as magnifying glasses, scales, simple measuring, graphs, etc. to learn more about their world.


Social Studies – 

In preschool, social studies incorporates the student’s place in their community with the world around them.  We will learn about ourselves, our families, our school and our town.  We will also be working on community service projects to help us understand how our actions affect others.


Exploration Centers – 

All subjects will incorporate hands-on exploration.  We use dramatic play, block centers, lego centers, math manipulatives, sensory table, and a light table to enhance student learning.  Our playground is age appropriate and is used daily.  We also have access to the entire school grounds for outdoor nature walks and observations.


Music – 

Preschoolers use songs and fingerplays throughout the day in many subjects.  In addition, they attend a music class.  Music concepts include the ability to listen to and hear differences in sounds, produce sounds and sing, recognize tempo and beat, and move to music.


Physical Education (Gross Motor Development) – 

Students will improve their gross motor development through playground activities and formal P.E. instruction. Students will work on running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking, balancing and other ways to move through space. 

Contact Us

Tel: 503-253-9400


Rosemarie El Youssef, Principal



1260 NE 132nd Ave

Portland, OR 97230