Middle School

Middle school has multiple classes that change every trimester.

Student News

Ms. Schmuecker

Mission Statement: St Therese News is here to inform the staff and students in our community.  Our job is to make sure people don't miss out on upcoming events and to get people excited about what's going on.  We believe that St. Therese News will change the lives of our community.  We also feel that it is our job to bring the news to you.  Our news will be true information.


Under the guidance of Ms. Schmuecker, students plan and produce a monthly news program on a variety of topics related to our school local community, as well national and international current events.   

Genius Hour

We are off to an awesome start with Genius Hour. Students have chose some great topics such as creating an instructional video on how a student teaches himself to write code and create a game, creating a blog dedicated to middle school issues such as bullying with real student interviews, and creating comic strips which teach kids how to deal with their problems. 

Project Citizen

Mrs. Baumbach


In this class they will be learning many things. Some examples are how to build a website, Microsoft Office and Google Apps. They will also do some coding and game building.

Technology & Art

In this class we are putting art and technology together. They are going to learn photography and how to make a online portfolio. They will also learn how to edit photos. We will also work with iMovie and stop-motion videos. 


Mr. Casciato


Mr. Baird


Mr. Casciato

Our music program at St. Therese is designed to provide the children with a wide variety of music experiences General Music Pre K - 5 with attention to music literacy and fun 

Band Class - that includes all the wind and percussion instruments

Choir -  that covers popular music and liturgical music

The Explorer Classes - that sing a variety of music, perform, play the Orff instruments, and guitars 


Mr. Baird

See Mr. Baird to inquire about the options for joining the band

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