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St. Therese Music Program 


St. Therese provides a lot of support for the arts programs. Our music program addresses four components. Our Pre – K through grade five students get to enjoy a rich variety of musical experiences. We focus on making music a fun experience where the early grades sing and play music games. Students learn to work together and to have confidence while playing music games that get them moving, singing, and playing a variety of instruments including xylophones, percussion, glockenspiels, world instruments.  


By fourth and fifth grades our students add the recorder to their musical experience. We follow a recorder karate system that allows them to earn belts for the work they accomplish on their instruments. This year our students will participate in the Carnegie Hall music program that teams them up with the Oregon Symphony. They will perform with the symphony in April. 


As students enter middle school they can join the middle school band program. Our band features all the instrument families with flute, sax, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, baritone, drums and assorted percussion, electric bass, and guitar. Our students do many performances throughout the year during the holidays, for festivals, and for the community. There is a lot of pride for our school band. 


There are also many opportunities for students to sing in a choral setting. Our middle school students can participate in our choral program where we sing a variety of published music. We sing liturgical music, secular music, popular music, and Broadway.


This year our school is producing the play “The Fiddler on The Roof” featuring the music of Jerry Brock and Sheldon Harnick. Our students have performed for the Oregon Zoo, the local retirement communities, for the weekly Mass and for our holiday programs plus the spring musical. 


I’m so proud to be the music specialist. This is my 16th year teaching music and by far my most interesting assignment. 


Mr. Baird 

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