School-wide Learning Expectations

St. Therese School is a community of families built on Catholic values and dedicated to empowering students to reach their academic potential by preparing them to be life-long learners, responsible citizens, and contributing members of church and society.


School-wide Learning Expectations (SLEs)


As a St. Therese Student, I~

Live like Jesus

  • I demonstrate a loving relationship with God

  • I serve the school, parish, and community

  • I celebrate daily prayer, liturgy, and Catholic traditions


Am a life-long learner

  • I strive to do my best

  • I use creative and critical thinking to solve problems

  • I work independently and cooperatively

  • I use my Catholic values to seek knowledge and communicate through speaking, writing, and listening


Am safe, respectful and responsible

  • I treat all people with kindness and compassion

  • I accept responsibility for my actions

  • I care for my heart, mind and body

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