Physical Education

Mr. Tom Neri

Vision/Mission Statement:
Physical education is a vital component for the development of a student's physical, mental and social well-being. It is my mission to provide an equal opportunity to our students, through planned activities, for physical development in the areas of strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance, balance, agility, range of motion, and power. This diverse program will allow students the opportunity to develop individual skills and introduce new, enjoyable experiences for lifelong physical fitness and well-being. I will provide information for knowledge in proper exercise techniques and practices, good nutritional habits, basic muscle anatomy, and elementary cardiovascular physiology. Additionally, students will practice positive sportsmanship and develop team-building skills.

Objectives of Physical Education: 

  • The student will be competent in many movement forms.

  • The student will understand how and why one moves in a variety of situations and will use this information to enhance his or her own skills.

  • The student will achieve and maintain a health-enhanced level of physical fitness.

  • The student will exhibit a physically active lifestyle and will understand that physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge and self-expression.

  • The student will demonstrate responsible personal behavior while participating in movement activities.

  • The student will demonstrate responsible social behavior while participating in movement activities and understand the importance of respect for others.

  • The student will understand the interrelationship between history, culture, activities, team sports, and dance.


Medical Excuses: 
If a student has been ill or injured and will need a program modification for over 3 days missed; a note from a doctor should accompany the student with suggested modifications in his/her activities. If a student needs to be given some consideration, because of a short-term problem, a parent/guardian may write a note describing the problem and suggest some possible modification(s) to the program. A written note from a parent or guardian will excused a student for up to 3 days of the illness or injury. Parents/guardians should feel free to contact the school office regarding modifications that need to be made to help their child's participation more successful by   calling 503-253-9400.


  • Students may only wear solid red or black shorts/sweat pants.

  • Shorts must be 2-4 inches above a student knee.

  • Students may only wear a plain white t-shirts or jog-a-thon shirt.

  • Students need a pair of supportive shoes and white socks for PE use.

  • Spandex or under armor may be worn under shorts or shirt as long as it is white, red, or black.

  • You may wear your school sweatshirt/sweater outside.

  • Students are not allowed to wear sandals or open toed shoes, as well as any boots.

General Physical Education Rules:

  • Students need to bring all materials to class with them. They will not be allowed to go back to their classrooms for makeup sheets, homework, clothes, shoes, notes, etc.

  • A whistle in PE means to stop what you are doing (freeze) and to be quiet.

  • Unless a student has a note excusing him/her from PE, he/she will need to dress down and participate as much as possible. If he/she is ill and does not dress down, he/she will be sent to the health room.

  • Scrimmage vests must be worn correctly at all times.

  • GUM is NEVER allowed in PE.

  • When a student enters the gym he/she will need to follow the instructions on the white board. Do not touch equipment at this time.

  • ALWAYS get permission from the teacher to leave the gym to get a drink or to use the restroom.

Be Responsible:

  • Come to class prepared.

  • Listen patiently and follow instructions.

  • Be safe, be respectful, & be responsible.

  • Turn in make-up forms on time.

If you are missing a piece of your uniform check the lost and found. You are allowed only 5 minutes to get ready for class. If you are not in your appropriate spot for attendance by the designated time you will be counted tardy. 

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