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Parents and family members are welcome and encouraged to volunteer.

Requirements for volunteering with our children.

1.  A current background check.
2.  Completing the "Standards of Conduct" online.
3.  Attending a C.A.S.E training at the Archdiocese or St. Therese School         when it is offered.
4.  If driving students, we will need a completed car insurance form.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office at 503-253-9400

All 2 parent families are required to volunteer 30 regular hours and 10 additional hours of Fund Raising Fair Share.

Single parent families are required to volunteer 15 regular hours and 5 additional fund raising Fair Share hours.

Volunteer opportunities for regular hours include:
Going on class field trips
Helping in the kitchen
Helping in the classroom
Helping to keep the grounds clean of litter
Crosswalk duty

Fund Raising Fair Share opportunities include:
Jog a Thon
Halloween Bash
Bottle Drop bag returns
Bingo Night


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