St. Therese?

This faith-centered community is dedicated to academic excellence and the growth and well being of the whole child, empowering each students to become a constructing member of the Church and society.

As well as our high academic standards, we understand the importance of educating and nurturing the next generation of Christian leaders. Therefore, we set forth to provide our students with the tools necessary to Live Like Jesus, be a Life Long Learner, and be Safe, Respectful and Responsible. These are our School-wide Learning Expectations.

We provide children the opportunities to develop a relationship with God by serving others, participating in liturgy and prayer, and celebrating our Catholic traditions.

We assist children to do their best, work independently and cooperatively, learn to be problem solvers, use creative and critical thinking skills and communicate effectively.

We expect children to show kindness and compassion, accept responsibility for their actions, listen actively, develop community and global awareness, and welcome all cultures.

These are just a few of the foundations of our school. Why St. Therese? Because our parents and staff truly care about teaching children with an excellent curriculum and the values of the Catholic Church.

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