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We know how to have a good time learning in Kindergarten!

Math, Literacy, Religion, Science, name it, we learn it. 

If you want to learn more about our kindergarten program and how your student can thrive with us, please call the school and schedule a virtual visit or in-person tour.

Congratulations Kinder Graduates
Our kinder team put together an amazing celebration for our Eaglets in recognition of their tremendous accomplishments during this crazy school year! Below you will find a recording of their performance of My God (yes, the one from Sister Act) and their recitation of their Kindergarten Pledge. God bless our kinders as they move on to first grade with all they have learned!

Our Eaglets know their way around a paint brush, that's for certain. We returned to in-person learning on February 1st and not long after they converted their kinder classroom into an art studio! Every day is a new adventure on Kindergarten Island.

From the Pumpkin Patch and Petting Zoo in the fall, to a rainbow of projects in the classroom, our kinder team has more energy than any other! This photo gallery is just a small snapshot of the learning fun that happens within those four walls.

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