Parents Club

The Parents Club at St. Therese School is a vibrant and busy group of people who support the school in educational and fund raising activities. All parents of children who are enrolled at St. Therese School are members of this organization.The Parents' Club oversees many events for parents and students:

  • Halloween Bash - (the Friday night preceeding Halloween) - an evening of games, costumes, activities, light dinner, and candy for the children.

  • Jog-A-Thon- A fundraiser where the students get pledges per lap from patrons for the total amount of laps that they run or walk.

  • Gift Card Sales- SCRIP, dollar for dollar, cash/gift certificates, or whatever you want to name it, it is a very easy way to raise money for the school. Hundred's of merchants' subscribe to this program, giving the school discounts on certificates for their stores. Parents, families, friends, and parishioners all purchase their "cash cards" from the school and help make the program very profitable.

  • Fair Share - is any combination of Time, Talent or Treasure donated to the school.

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